Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started.

From start to finish, the entire process can be done online.

  • Fill out an application on our website and get approved as quickly as a few minutes
  • E-sign your lease and download our all-access app
  • Pay your deposit through the app and move in!
  • G4 welcomes co-signers to apply on the same online application.
  • This can vary by property, applicant and length of lease, but generally we require first month’s rent and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent.
  • No, G4 does not charge a brokers fee!
  • G4 is committed to welcoming inclusive and professional residents from all backgrounds. Where permitted by law, we do conduct background checks with individualized consideration and look at credit scores and income as part of our application process, and we also consider whether an individual who previously rented with us remains in good standing from their previous lease.

Living Experience.

We’ve found our residents to all want similar rules to be enforced generally speaking they include:

  • 24 hour quiet hours – we provide headphones for our TV’s in many of our homes.
  • Shoes off inside – many residents have house shoes or slippers to help maintain the cleanliness of the spaces.
  • No permanent TV setup in the common areas – We’ve found that in our shared locations, the place feels more like home when the common space is open for everyone to use. Provided TV’s are kept in the bedroom or private living room / office areas.
  • Communication and Respect – We’ve been in business almost a decade and in that time we’ve been overjoyed to find that all our tenants want the same thing. An atmosphere of professionalism and respect. High expectations are always met and exceeded. You will never have to worry about who you are sharing a place with!

Many of our homes are completely private and not shared with anyone, we do however offer less expensive professionally shared options. In these homes your bedroom or suite is your private domain and common spaces are respectfully shared with other professionals. We prefer to think of these setups as having different levels of privacy and include properties with:

  • Fully private apartments and homes.
  • Private suites w/ attached bathrooms and offices.
  • Private attached bathrooms
  • Shared attached bathrooms
  • Shared detached bathrooms

Yes. As long as there are no complaints from your flat mates, you are free to have a guest over. However, we do not allow guests to stay more than 2 consecutive nights and highly recommend being open and communicative with your flat mates about when a non-resident is in the home.

We offer both long-term and short-term leasing options. After completing a minimum of 2 months, you can renew for a longer period or transfer to a month-to-month lease. Please note that month-to-month leases are subject to price fluctuations and we may need to conduct showings of your living space on a more frequent basis.

Smoking of any kind is not allowed. Residents and their guests also may not engage in any drug-related activity, including but not limited to medical cannabis on or near the premises.

While we love pets, we currently do not allow them in any of our properties. This stipulation also extends to any visitors or guests that come into our buildings.

Professionally Shared Homes.

In order to build safe, comfortable and professional living environments, all G4 residents are vetted through an application process and background check (as permitted by law). After they’re approved, prospective residents schedule viewings of available homes. Once they find a home they like, G4 helps them set up a meet and greet so the home’s current residents can find the best fit.

We’ve been doing this for almost a decade! (longer than ANY of our competitors nationwide) In that time, we’ve have had ZERO evictions, ZERO vacancies, ZERO missed rent payments, and ZERO major flat-mate disputes! We are extremely proud of this record and it has always been our mission to make sure our residents are happy. You are the first people we think of when we wake up and the last when we go to bed. Our staff sets the bar high and we are here to serve and make sure your experience with us exceeds your expectation!

Nope, we’ve got it covered! When a resident notifies us that they’ll be moving out of their home, we send an email to all of their flat-mates and keep them informed of potential new residents. Current residents can always recommend their friends through our referral program. We will also introduce interested candidates, and you help us choose your new flat-mates.

Our automated showing coordinator will notify you by email or text when our staff will show a room or suite that is becoming available. If the space becoming available is your own, we will work with you to identify days and times that work for your schedule. Until COVID is no longer an issue, our aim is to minimize social interaction. To this end, virtual showings are recommended as the preferred method for the time being. However, some potential residents may still need to see the space in person. If this is the case, we will do our best to conduct these showings during times you are not present.

We’ve been doing this longer than anyone in the business (9+ years) and will work tirelessly to find a good fit between residents living together. We have an unimpeachable record when it comes to person-to-person interaction and we understand that this is probably your largest concern and apprehension. We aim to take that worry away completely. Believe us when we say THIS is the most important part of our business.

Once an approved applicant decides they’d like to live in your home, you’ll be placed in a group email with them. From there, you can coordinate a time to meet or all get to know one another right in the email chain.

Once you all feel like you’ve gotten to know each other, you and your flat-mates provide your feedback back to us. Our team reviews the results and may follow up for more information. From there, we’ll either give your prospective flat-mate the green light to move in or help you connect with someone new.

If no one in your household provides feedback on a prospective resident, G4’s team will help make the call to find the best fit for your home.

To make sure you’re able to find a great match as fast as possible, G4 sticks to a 24-hour meet and greet window. This way residents and prospective roommates can know ASAP if it’s time to move in or move on.

If a room is opening in your home, you can refer your friends to G4 in advance. Have your friends apply to be a part of the G4 community and tell our teams that they’re interested in joining your home. Once your friend moves in, you’ll also get up to a $100 rent credit as an added bonus for your referral

We’ve never met a problem we couldn’t solve! Working through conflict together can be one of the best ways to build relationships in your home, so residents generally work out disputes on their own.

In the very rare event that roommates have a severe dispute that is causing irreconcilable problems in the home, residents can contact us with the context of the disagreement and we’ll reach out to help address the issue.


High-speed Wifi, laundry, parking, water and maintenance are all included in rent. Gas and electric are shared evenly between flat-mates or paid altogether by residents living in private dwellings. 

However, we make paying for utilities easy!

      • Pay everything together with your rent through our app.
      • No calling utility companies and changing anything into your name.
      • No overages to deal with from past tenants.
      • You are only responsible for your share – if someone else does not pay, it does not affect you in any way.
      • No calculations needed, we handle it all and list the price for you on your account.

We believe access to an internet connection is a basic right and most all of our locations are outfitted with a Fiber optic internet connection with speeds exceeding 600 Mbps for both downloads AND uploads. Due to fiber location restrictions, our remaining locations have cable internet speeds of approximately 250 Mbps. We are always working with local fiber companies to expand our fiber service and we are committed to always providing free, reliable, high-speed internet service for all our residents.


We think of ourselves as a service-based company not a real estate company. We are here to provide you with ease of use and mental freedom. To that end we offer a number of services to help in your everyday life. These include:

      • Professional weekly common space cleaning – Our trained and in-house staff clean each and every inch of your home every week, excluding your bedroom. Showers get scrubbed, floors get vacuumed and furniture gets dusted. Although we ask all our residents to handle the day-to-day tidiness of the space, our staff with do the heavy lifting. You will never again have to ask a flat-mate or spouse whose turn it is to deep clean the tile floor or toilet! 
      • Monthly Bedroom cleanings – For those tenants that wish to also have their bedrooms deep cleaned, this service is also available on a monthly basis.
      • Bundled streaming package – Each suite and bedroom comes equipped with a state of the art smart TV. These TV’s have access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, ESPN, AppleTV, and Amazon Video. That’s almost a $100/month value that we offer to our residents for only $19.99 a month.
      • In the upcoming months we will be introducing pick-up and drop-off laundry service brought straight to your room. As well as grocery deliver service brought straight to your fridge! The longer you stay the more services we’ll add!

G4 is big into preventative maintenance! All our properties have already undergone major renovations. Our cleaners let us know when something is broken but since they are only there once a week, we also ask our tenants to notify us directly if they see something out of the ordinary. We always strive to fix any issue as quickly as possible. Maintenance requests can be submitted through our app for the timeliest response!

G4 also handles all outdoor maintenance including landscaping, shoveling and plowing!

Each one of our homes is unique and some may have extra features such as garage parking, private entrances, etc. However, there is a baseline of service that comes with every G4 home and our service is not tiered. You get 100% commitment and passion to please no matter what you are paying in rent!


You can pay though our online portal or on our app. It’s easy to setup and use! If you are not the one paying your rent you can give account access to the person or entity that is.

Currently, G4 accepts major credit cards and EFT transactions from checking or savings accounts.

Security deposits will be returned by physical check 2-3 weeks after the lease end date.

G4 members must abide by the terms of a lease until it expires. There are some exceptions, however, including:

      • Allowed by federal or state law: Laws vary from state to state, but federal law permits a member that enlists in active military service to terminate a tenancy early with proper documentation.
      • Significant damage to a rental unit: A G4 member may move out before a lease is up when a natural disaster, or some other occurrence that the tenant bears no responsibility for, destroys or significantly damages the rental property.
      • Find a replacement: A G4 member may find a replacement for your lease to take over your contractual obligations. A replacement must meet G4’s screening criteria and be approved by the current roommates. The replacement’s lease start date would end the replacing G4 member’s lease obligations.

You are required to give G4 30 days notice prior to terminating your lease. If you terminate your lease before the lease end date, you will still be financially responsible for the rent up until the lease end date even if you move out. However, you are allowed to find a replacement for your leased room. After they are approved by G4’s rental criteria, they can start a new lease that will terminate your old lease as well as your financial responsibility for the leased space. The person moving in may not need to take over your specific lease dates. If you do not provide adequate written notice to G4 prior to move-out, you will forfeit your entire security deposit.


G4 Properties LLC is the actual entity that is on the lease.

Our company wants your house to really shine (even more than it already does) and attract the best tenants possible. To accomplish this we will invest a substantial amount of capital upfront during the branding process. These costs are associated with painting, furnishing and decorating the house. In short, we need time to recoup these upfront costs. We also seek to be “in it for the long run” and hope we can maintain a mutually beneficial and ongoing relationship.

We ask that you de-list your house during the property management contract term. If there is an emergency and the house needs to sell before the term expires, our master lease contract would pass on to the next owner just like any other lease. Any potential buyers would need to be made aware that they would be legally obligated to honor our master lease agreement for the remainder of the full term. 

Yes, it’s very possible! Purchasing a building is a big step and one that would require more discussion; when the time comes, we would be happy to discuss buying the property from you.

Yes! Since there may be a few things we will need to get done in order to fully qualify the house for the program, there may be some costs you will be responsible for. Our company, acting as a GC, can pay for these costs upfront and work out a payment plan with you in order to alleviate the stress of having to spend more money. 

No. Because we rent the place furnished we do not allow pets in the house and have a strict “no-shoes inside” policy. You’ll never need to worry about scratched up floors or stains! We also don’t allow smoking, loud music, parties. etc, so once again your neighbors will be happy!

Repair and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the landlord and we go over this in detail in the contract, however, this concern is one of the reasons we only work with property owners who show a keen interest in preventative maintenance, a deep care for their home and who have already invested in the infrastructure of their property. In addition to this, our weekly cleaning staff does an amazing job at keeping us informed about small maintenance or repair issues that can be caught early on and remedied before becoming anything larger.

Fill out our contact survey here and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

Ready to start living?